The best beaches in Turkey for sunsets, windsurfing, partying and more
From the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean to the rugged, rocky shores of the Black Sea, Turkey abounds in beaches (plajlar) along its coasts, which border four different seas.
The Mediterranean Sea is the warmest for swimming and the most popular with sun seekers, while the Aegean coast is mostly lower-key and less developed. The often rough Black Sea isn’t as inviting, but the scenery can be striking. Beaches around the highly urbanized Marmara Sea can provide a quick getaway from Istanbul.
Whether you’re looking for water sports or family fun, peace and quiet, or party time, here are our dozen top picks for beaches to visit in Turkey.
12 stunning national parks in Turkey to escape the crowds
From towering peaks to deep canyons, sparkling coastlines to dense forests, Turkey has a wealth of natural beauty to complement its world-famous historical sites.

The country’s first milli parkı (national park), Yozgat Çamlığı Milli Parkı, was established in the Central Anatolia region in 1958 to protect an endemic species of pine. Today there are 45 national parks across Turkey, encompassing remote, wild terrain, family-friendly recreation areas and important historical sites like the ancient city of Troy (Troya Tarihi Milli Parkı). Here are a dozen of our favourite national parks to begin exploring Turkey’s great outdoors.
The most incredible ancient sites in Turkey
From classical cities scattered along the coast to archaeological sites that date back to the earliest periods of human history, Turkey's fertile plains, high steppe and rugged mountains have witnessed every stage on the human journey.
Even if you’re planning a beach break, don’t miss brushing up on some of this remarkable heritage while you're here. These are the best ancient sites in Turkey.